In October of 1993, I stumbled upon the Blue Mountain Ranch with a realtor before heading back to Los Angeles, my two horses in tow. The tears that fell upon entering the property predicted a huge transition, and when I entered the birthing pens of the big log barn, my whole being quivered out around me as my Soul separated from my Body. It was an ecstatic descent into the lower realms, deep in the Earth. My companions disappeared and the throbbing mystical experience at the burning fire became primary.

Carl Jung saw the horse when it appeared in dreams as an expression of the magic side of humankind and the "mother that is within us", that is, intuitive understanding.

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Paradise Farmstead 2 Crescent Moon and Irrigation Ditch 1
Crescent Moon Over Pine Creek
Crescent Moon and Irrigation Ditch 2 Buffalo Jump and Evening Storm Sunset Wash On the Absarokas
Hunters Moon on Blackwood
Last Cutting and Fall Sky
Blue Mountain Sentinel
Blue Mountain UnEarthings