Jacqueline Rieder Hud:  Painting The Wild
Artist’s Statement

My paintings are fusions of imagery from conscious and unconscious states. They express personal inner growth through cogent manifestations of dreams and wakeful intuitive flashes. As I move through a landscape or work with my ranch animals, there are moments that hold me, encounters which seem to pull me into the rhythm of the universe itself. I have recorded such moments in journals that I have kept for over twenty years.

This process of going inward to intuit the way to one’s personal vision, to the creative radiance, has a tonality of wildness and surrender to it. I see this dynamic within the psychic cauldron as a mirror of the instinctual forces expressing themselves in continuum in the Wholeness of Nature… in the larger Wilderness without.

The language of the Soul is metaphor. Out of the chaos of sitting with the eternal language of Dream and the numinous energy that comes in with that, a level of transformation occurs and emerges in paint. The animals in the landscape are that, but they are also symbolic of a bridge between psyche and viscera.

I feel a sense of union with animal spirits and an admiration for their rhythmic interaction with their environment, a rhythm that Man as Animal has long forgotten. I long for the Human heart and mind to engage the intrinsic value of wild places. Sit in stillness—take a breath—reflect upon what man as species has wrought upon Mother Earth.

“The energy that we bury is the energy that will eventually become our salvation.”
Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst