2004 - 2008

Inherent in what is dull is the potentiality of the Self. Creativity, imagination transmute material into an awakening, on the path toward healing and becoming whole. Monika Wikman advises the dreamer to watch for the charred being with stumps. The Ego needs to surrender!

Tend to the welder's forge. The alchemist's "prima material" is what turns to gold. Undifferentiated material, not necessarily awake, is where we start.

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Emergence, 54”x54” The Gift of Nigredo 54”x54”

This Dream imparts Libido stuck in the body, the freeing of it, and the inner music of realignment through the great snake of the unconscious....of transformation. It is important to honor these lower frequencies, the Shadow presence!

The Great Snake carries the poison and the cure.