Since 2011…
My psychic window was opening in late 2011 when "Wizard” arrived in Dream. That was just after my Solo Show opening at Creighton Block Gallery in Big Sky, Montana, which my Mom attended. She died in January of 2012, and my inner reality exploded outward.

It was obvious to me that I had to record these flashbacks of my life. I lived in an altered state while writing my Laundry, from early 2012 through early 2014. The formal layout of this Art & Dream Book overlapped with writing it as I worked with a digital technician, Tyrel Thornton, for a year and a half.

  • June 2014 Bozeman Art Walk, Solo Show and Screening “Painting the Wild” at Downtown Visitors Center
  • Kickstarter funding the last week of 2014 allowed me to go to print in 2015.
  • September 2015: Jacqueline and John at Book Release Party at Judy Tyler's home in Los Angeles.
  • "Gold Addy Award" Best Book Design 2015, awarded by American Advertising Associates
  • March 2016: Bozeman Public Library, presentation of "Laundry for Strangers" by Jacqueline and her publisher Etan Boritzer and her Archetypal Psychotherapist Timothy Tate.
  • September 2016: Montana Book Festival, Missoula. Presentation at Fact and Fiction Bookstore
  • November 2016: Elk River Books, Livingston, Montana Presentation of "Laundry for Strangers", a dialogue between Jacqueline and Timothy Tate as to the Artist's psychic break and its relationship to creative process. Dreams walk out into physical reality in the world of Carl Jung!
  • I began the tortuous process of painting again early summer of 2017, having not painted in 4˝ years. The creation of my Laundry, from journaling dreams and thought process, then laying it out page by page, had been my release of Creativity.
  • April 2018: "A Night and a Day" Solo Show at Old Main Gallery, Bozeman, Montana, kick-off for Bozeman Film Celebration in June.
  • June 2018 Bozeman Film Celebration: Screenwriter Patrick Kriwanek gave a presentation at Reynolds Recital Hall at MSU, screening "Painting the Wild."
  • June 2018: Jacquie's Gang at Squire House, Bozeman: Artist, John Hud, Patricia Eltinge, Agent, Etan Boritzer, Publisher & Agent, and Patrick Kriwanek, Screenwriter. "Laundry for Strangers" is now on its way to becoming a feature film!
  • The Artist with Patricia and Etan in Studio, Blue Mountain Ranch
  • December 2018: Installation at a Group Show at Rialto Theater, Bozeman, Montana. This featured paintings and prints and my Laundry, telling a story of connection with Mother Earth.